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Life May Be

With Life May Be, Cousins and Akbari revive a reformulated medium with added poetry, with the combination of language and visual oratory that persuades with its looping cadences and elementary statements of exile, nudity, Iran, existence and affirmative questioning. The film came to fruition after Cousins wrote a letter to Akbari and to his surprise she replied to him. After that an Iranian critic suggested they exchange visual letters with each other. So two different cineastes. Two humans. Two cultures. Two different languages; but with a lack of boundaries and showing that we can use cinema and image to communicate feeling as well as doings. This is a film that surpasses Babelesque conundrums; it listens, watches and exists in stillness, which is encapsulated in Cousins’ first shot that stops and watches the mist rise against the hills of the highlands of Scotland. A film that revels in its subtlety: in a time of anti-intellectualism, it repeats Walt Whitman’s proclamation of arts for art sake, for the glory and the sunshine of letters, which ultimately is simplicity in itself. DWM

Spanish title: La vida podría ser
Year: 2014
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 80
Seconds: 0

D: Mark Cousins, Mania Akbari G,

F: Mania Akbari, Mark Cousins

E: Paria Kamyab, Timo Langer

P: Don Boyd

PE: Dominic Dowbekin

CP: Hibrow Productions


Mania Akbari, Mark Cousins


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Mark Cousins Reino Unido

He’s a British filmmaker, writer, curator. Some of his films are The First Movie (2009), What Is This Film Called Love? (2012), A Story of Children and Film (2013; Official Selection at Cannes) and Here Be Dragons (2013). Together with Tilda Swinton he created the 8 ½ Foundation.

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Mania Akbari Irán

She was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1974. He started his artistic career as a painter, and then worked as director photography and assistant director in various films.

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