Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Chuck Jones - Programa 1

“The rules are simple. Take your job seriously, but never do that with yourself. Deposit your love and any abilities you might have and it will all happen.” One of Chuck Jones’ axioms paints a good portrait of him –just like he does with Daffy in Duck Amuck. There’s no point in wailing about Jones’ talent for comedy: it oozes from every film frame, every literal blink of the eye, and it does so as kindly as oxygen does. We love comedy because one day Jones drew this Superman Coyote, that tender little kitten, the singing frog, Bugs at the opera, and that papa bear. We breathe Jones. His love is the place modern comedy comes from. JMD

A Bear for Punishment

Feed the Kitty

For Scent-imental Reasons

One Froggy Evening

Fast and Furry-ous

What’s Opera, Doc?

Duck Amuck

Bunny Hugged

Rabbit of Seville

8 Ball Bunny