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Summer of Blood

In the first scene of Summer of Blood, Eric Sparrow rejects the engagement ring offered to him by his girlfriend, but not without humiliating her a bit first. Eric is a man in his forties who lives as if he were in his twenties, has a questionable sense of humor and definitely doesn’t know how to treat women. But, as neurosis and tartan skirts pay (especially in Brooklyn), he still succeeds in hooking up with some girls, even if those sexual encounters are quite pathetic. So far, this would be just another loser comedy. But things change when our friend is bit by a vampire: the former loser becomes a seductive vampire, and blood begins to circle fast and intensely, giving way to some sweet, red revenge. Vampirism kills loser comedy, and Summer of Blood is bluntly clear on that. As a late coming-of-age and a parody of the emotional dalliances of Generation X, Summer of Blood’s Eric makes Dracula himself seem like a nice guy. LC

Spanish title: Verano de sangre
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 86
Seconds: 0

D, G, PE: Onur Tukel

F: Jason Banker

E: Onur Tukel

DA: Sergio Lapel

S: Andrew Sterling, Michael Barycki

P: Onur Tukel, Matt Grady

CP: Simian Nation, Factory 25


Onur Tukel, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Dakota Goldhor, Dustin Guy Defa, Keith Poulson


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Onur Tukel Estados Unidos

A writer, illustrator and occasional actor, he lives in Brooklyn, USA. He co-starred in Septien (2011) and Red Flag (2012), published the children’s books Little Friends (2012) and Rainstack! (2013), and directed the films House of Pancakes (1996), Sergio Lapel’s Drawing Blood (1998), Ding-a-ling-LESS (2001), The Pigs (2004), and Richar...

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