Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

To the Editor of Amateur Photographer

The Pavilion in Leeds, founded in 1983, was the first feminist photographers’ collective in Europe. Together with Mark Fell, Fowler evokes the often controversial history of the gallery in their impressionistic journey through archive material, minutes, newspaper articles, talk shows and personal recollections. Photographers such as Angela Kingston and Caroline Taylor each choose a favorite photo characteristic of that turbulent period. In so doing, they look back together at the radical shift that took place in photography, with The Pavilion upending the dominant culture of patriarchal images in an era alive with social, political and economic change. At the same time, they recognize that evoking an activist past can be associated with romanticization and distortion, which is accentuated by a pulsing analogue soundtrack. Lack of funds was a recurrent problem for The Pavilion. But the conviction that feminists could bring about change through a collective effort was not affected by these financial concerns. IFFR catalogue

Spanish title: Al editor del fotógrafo amateur
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 69
Seconds: 0

D, S, M: Luke Fowler, Mark Fell

F: Margaret Salmon

E: Luke Fowler P: Will Rose


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Luke Fowler Reino Unido

In the origin of the projects directed by Luke Fowler (Glasgow, 1978) there is usually a question, a profound interest in knowing more. They can either be an exploration into the life or work of psychologist R. D. Laing (All Divided Selves), or about a man who withdraws into a life in the wilderness disappointed by humanity ( Bogman Palmjaguar), or...

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