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Punto de Encuentro [17] BAFICI - Centro Cultural Recoleta - Junín 1930
Room: 8

Free access

We thank Bafici and the Cultural Recoleta Center for the recognition implied in this exhibition, and DAC for helping us in making it real. But above all, we thank you because you forced us to dig into our archives and look our 20 year-old body of work in the face. You have helped us realize what we had behind us was undoubtedly more and better than we remembered it to be due to an amnesia caused by the hurries of the audiovisual production world in which we’ve embarked on recently. This exhibition speaks of our 20 years, but above all witnesses our view of those 20 years. From our birth –which coincides with the sanctioning of Argentina’s Film Law– to the distribution problems Argentine cinema is facing, the emergence of digital cameras, the return of the Mar del Plata film Festival and the creation of Bafici, the autarchy of INCAA, the 3D coming to save us all but didn’t, etcetera. It’s impossible to sum up our 20 years of existence in such few words. So let’s rather climb on this exhibition’s time machine. And let’s get lost so we can find ourselves again. PU & HG