Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Monicelli y RAP. Cien años de cine

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Domingo 19 de 10 h a 20 h
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Punto de Encuentro [17] BAFICI - Centro Cultural Recoleta - Junín 1930
Room: 1

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Mario Monicelli turns 100 years old! And he celebrates in Buenos Aires, the city he visited only once, in 2007, before continuing his trip to Mar del Plata.
When we land in the city, Mario fell in love at first sight. He fell right at home: a South American Italy that was multi-ethnic, highbrow, surprising, young and vivacious. Today Buenos Aires welcomes us once again with his cinema, but also a photo exhibit and a pictorial installation. The latter features twelve images from his most famous films printed on huge cotton fabrics intervened with tempera and enriched with my free thoughts and comic strips depicting Mario’s life between work, art, and everyday life. The 35 photos in the second part of the tribute were taken on the sets of his films and belong to his family’s private collection. They are very rare snapshots taken by the great photographers of the 1950s and 1960s. We intended to fuse together cinema, photography, and art in an affectionate tribute to one of the masters of cinema and to that original Italy, so wealthy in art and artisans, and loved by everyone in the world.
I welcome you to Buenos Aires, Mario. You haven’t aged at all!