Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Pelicónicas (afiches de cine)

Jueves 16 de 10 h a 20 h
Viernes 17 de 10 h a 20 h
Sábado 18 de 10 h a 20 h
Domingo 19 de 10 h a 20 h
Lunes 20 de 10 h a 20 h
Martes 21 de 10 h a 20 h
Miércoles 22 de 10 h a 20 h
Jueves 23 de 10 h a 20 h
Viernes 24 de 10 h a 20 h
Sábado 25 de 10 h a 20 h


Punto de Encuentro [17] BAFICI - Centro Cultural Recoleta - Junín 1930
Room: Espacio Central

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“Pelicónicas (film posters)” is a collective experience from 450 designers (teachers and students from the Salomone chair of Graphic Design at the UBA) plus one hundred texts by teachers and researchers from the Fariña, Herke and Speziale chairs at the UBA, which seeks to approach new stories in ones we already know. It’s an attempt to freely reinterpret an extensive audiovisual text and reconfigure it a synthesis so brutal that is captures ideas, concepts and sensations in a single still image. Without moving or making any sounds, the film poster builds up a new idea on the deconstructed text. It is daring, it takes liberties in order to stick with the essences that rejuvenate. And it has little time, that’s why it makes sure of understanding the important notions in order to offer another version in an immediate future. It is an insurgent witness that narrates events as it wishes; without lying, but also without being predictable. The film poster joins the flow of initial senses in order to enrich what already exists, and also to trigger the imagination on what’s coming.