Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Dark Star - HR Giger’s World

Who used to hide behind the creator of the famous Alien? Artist HR Giger was able to bring terrifying and strangely attractive creatures to life. He turned our fears into his playground, mapped our nightmares, and brought up what we wanted to stay buried. Simple and fun, HR Giger lived in the heart of Zurich in a parallel universe, out of time. The limit between night and day used to disappear behind his closed window shutters. In Dark Star, Sallin explores that private world and delivers a portrait of an exceptional artist.

Título original: Dark Star - HR Gigers Welt
Spanish title: Dark Star - El mundo de HR Giger
Year: 2014
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 95
Seconds: 0

D: Belinda Sallin

F: Eric Stitzel

E: Birgit Munsch-Klein

S: Marco Teufen

M: Peter Scherer

P: Marcel Hoehn

CP: T&C Film


Hansruedi “HR” Giger, Carmen Maria Giger, Stanislav Grof, Hans H. Kunz, Leslie Barany


T&C Edition. Sandra Gisler
T +41 44 208 9955
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Wendsday 22 - 16:15 h
Village Recoleta Room: 8
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