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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Une jeunesse allemande

Friday 24 a las 20:45 h

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In 1968, Ulrike Meinhof wrote: “The fun is over: a protest is when I say I don’t like this and that. Resistance is when I see to it that things that I don’t like no longer occur.” Two years later, she would come to lead the Red Army Fraction along with Andreas Baader. How did it get from extreme A, in which a young Marxist woman vindicated self-defense without forgetting that “the value of a human being is somewhat different to that of broken windows,” to extreme B, which led to a body count of 34? A German Youth could help us find an answer. Throughout his filmography, Jean-Gabriel Périot has always laid out reflections as lucid as they unsettling on the way violence has been present in the great changes suffered by humanity. His first feature is a crushing essay at a thriller tempo, constructed with a huge amount of archive footage from a period of upheaval in the history of post-WWII Germany, a reminder of the sometimes unsolvable (and still current) conflict between ideals and direct action.

Spanish title: Una juventud alemana
English title: A German Youth
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 92
Seconds: 0

D, G, E: Jean-Gabriel Périot

S: Etienne Curchod
M: Alan Mumenthaler

P: Nicolas Brevière
CP: Local Films, Alina Film, Blinker Filmproduktion


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Jean-Gabriel Périot Francia

He was born in France in 1974. He worked as an editor in Lisa (2007), En attendant demain (2008) and La Dinde (2008), among others. The 12 th Festival held a Focus on his work which screened, among others, Gay?, Entre chiens et loups, Nijuman no borei (200.000 fantômes), Eut-elle été criminelle..., Dies Irae and We Are Winning D...

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