Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

La calle de los pianistas

In May 2003, an article in Clarín newspaper reported that Lyl Tiempo “connects three generations of pianists: she’s the daughter of the famous Antonio De Raco, a friend of Martha Argerich, and a teacher for young prodigies, including her two children.” At that time, Lyl’s granddaughter (the child of her daughter Karin Lechner) was only three years old, so even if perhaps Natasha Binder was already playing the piano, it would have been fearsome to attribute the inauguration of the fourth generation to her. The Tiempo family lives in a big house in Brussels that is attached to a twin building owned by Martha Argerich. Natasha is 15 years old and an amazing pianist, and the sounds from her instrument travel everyday at any hour, from one house to the other. This is what this luminous and multi-layered film depicts: the story of two houses, lots of pianos, and three women –who have followed the family mandate in the best possible way– make wonders when sitting in front of the keyboard, but continue with the baton hand-off like a sweet curse. 

English title: Pianists Street
Year: 2015
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 85
Seconds: 0

D: Mariano Nante  

G: Mariano Nante, Sandra de la Fuente  

F: Juan Aguirre  

E: Alejo Santos  

S: Gaspar Scheuer, Diego Martínez Rivero  

M: Natasha Binder, Karin Lechner, Alan Kwiek, Sergio Tiempo, Martha Argerich  

P: Mariano Nante, Daniel Rosenfeld, Sandra de la Fuente, Gaspar Scheuer, Luciana Corti  

PE: Daniel Rosenfeld  

CP: Piedra Angular, Daniel Rosenfeld Films  


I: Natasha Binder, Karin Lechner, Alan Kwiek, Sergio Tiempo, Martha Argerich


Piedra Angular.

Mariano Nante

T +54 11 4831 2231  +54 9 11 5410 6711  


Mariano Nante Argentina

Born in Buenos Aires in 1988, he studied Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine and Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires. He made, among others, the short films La nieve y tantas cosas, Pringles and Exposición. Pianists Street is his first full-length film.

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