Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

The strange days are the ones a young Colombian couple experiences in a black and white Buenos Aires. This is where they live together, wander around, have sex, argue, fight, get drunk, have fun, go to parties, make each other jealous, have sex with other people, and provoke each other. Without ever losing the attraction they feel for each other, they try to carry on with their relationship and make ends meet with their precarious finances. Filled with vitality and destructive impulses, they move through different corners of the city: streets, bridges, subways, and parks are just some of the places they pass through in this opera prima charged with a youthful corporality, nerve, and audacity. A Chinese dry-cleaner whom they insult because he doesn´t return their clothes without a ticket and a Uruguayan girl they drug with pills to get her into bed are the other two foreigners that form the cast of characters in this surprising and extraordinary debut. 

English title: Strange Days
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: B&N
Minutes: 70
Seconds: 0

D, G: J. S. Quebrada  

F: M. Reyes Serrano  

E: M. Caporossi, J. S. Quebrada  

DA: C. Onorato  

S: L. Larriera, M. Canosa  

M: C. Quebrada  

P: J. Villegas, R. Moreno, J. S. Quebrada  

PE: J. Villegas, R. Moreno, J. S. Quebrada, M. Figueras Pacheco  

CP: Montañero Cine, MoVi Cine  


I: J. Lugo Quebrada, L. Acosta, M. Nin Ott, C. Weixiang


Montañero Cine.

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Juan Sebastián Quebrada Colombia

He was born in 1987 in Medellín, Colombia. He studied Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. He participated in an exchange in FAMU, Prague, and later did a Post-graduate on Editing in Barcelona’s ESCAC. He edited several short films, including Ella la noche, programmed in this edition of the Festival, and directed the sho...

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