Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

A Bellflower

Exhortations to put the common good above personal ambition are a recurrent theme of North Korean society guided by the Juche principle of self-reliance. In A Bellflower, a man crosses the mountains to return to his old home after many years away, full of regret for his youthful decision to follow a wandering indulgent life whilst his lover stayed behind to help convert her humble hometown, Pyokgye-ri, into a model village of Socialism.

Título original: Torajikkot
Spanish title: Una campanilla
Year: 1987
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 92
Seconds: 0

D: Jo Kyun-soon

G: Ri Choon-goo

F: Choi Tae-kook, Park Se-woong 




Kim Ryung-jo, Oh Mi-ran, Song Yeon-ock


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