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Lady Chatterley

D. H. Lawrence had quite a curious method. Whenever he completed a manuscript, he would devote himself to other things for a few months and then write the complete text again, but without using the original as its basis. The novel (very well-) known as Lady Chatterley’s Lover, whose publishing was self-financed shortly before his death in 1928, is, thus, the third version of what used to be John Thomas and Lady Jane. Less discursive and more focused on the sensory exploration of the bond between a crippled aristocrat’s bored wife and the reclusive gamekeeper of the family lands, that second version of the text was the one Ferran chose to adapt after a decade away from fiction. What he achieved, by letting the bodies of Connie (the extraordinary Marina Hands, who won one of the five César Awards the film received) and Parkin breathe and perspire au naturel –in every possible sense–, was to bring back the modernity, freshness and vitality to Lawrence’s much-revisited tale: rewriting it once more, almost from scratch. AM

Year: 2006
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 168
Seconds: 0

D: Pascale Ferran

G: Pascale Ferran, Roger Bohbot

F: Julien Hirsch

E: Yann Dedet, Mathilde Muyard

DA: François Labarthe

S: Jean-Jacques Ferran

M: Béatrice Thiriet P: Gilles Sandoz

CP: Maïa Films


Marina Hands, Jean-Louis Coulloc’h


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Pascale Ferran Francia

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