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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Ming of Harlem: Twenty One Storeys in the Air

This is the family story of a man who lived for a long time in a Harlem apartment together with a Bengal tiger named Ming, who slept at his side and watched films with him on the weekends –a heterodox, inhumanly loving bond between the species that later extended to a crocodile named Al. It constitutes a poetic essay about certain connection areas that can often occur between beasts and men and have nothing to do with domestication. Warnell’s point of view is explained by a quote from Jacques Derrida and a short text by Jean-Luc Nancy –which exceeds anthropomorphism– and it combines with Antoine Yates’ own story. Both the beginning’s archive footage, featuring a female tamer and a tiger, and another excerpt showing moments of the judicial scandal Yates faced and his own testimony, work as the preamble to a direct meeting with both feline and a reptile interpreters who wander around an apartment that is similar to Yates’. The animals’ eyes are even greater prove of that mysterious love triangle that escapes the logics of ethology and anthropology’s too comfortable definitions. RK

Spanish title: Ming de Harlem: Veintiún pisos en el aire
Year: 2014
Format: DM
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 71
Seconds: 0

D: Phillip Warnell  

F: David Raedeker  

E: Phillip Warnell, Chiara Armentano

DA: Phillip Warnell, Tomas Klassnik  

S: Emmet O’Donnell  

M: Hildur Gudnadottir  

P: Phillip Warnell, Madeleine Molyneaux

CP: Big Other Films, Michigan Films, Picture Palace Pictures 


Antoine Yates


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Phillip Warnell Reino Unido

He studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, FAMU (Prague), the Middlesex University (London) and the en la AVU Academy of Fine Arts (Prague). The Girl with X-ray Eyes (2008) and Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies (2009), are some of his films. He lives and works in London.

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