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Jafar Panahi is now cab driver for a day; on his way, he picks up friends and actors who have worked with him, but there are hardly any scheduled destinations: its situations, dialogues, different stances that drive his new challenge in order to eliminate the barriers of reality as well as the limits set for the censorship of his projects. Behind his friendly, passive face, silences let one perceive anger, inconformity, and lack of understanding. Far from the walls of his home cell, the director/cab driver shows that seclusion is nothing but a state of mind, and that it’s never the final alternative. His latest film, a road movie with no taximeter fee, does not acknowledge the limits between documentary and fiction: it’s a comedy about irritation and a drama about ignorance captured with any kind of element at its reach. As in his two previous films, Panahi reshapes confinement into freedom, and purifies hell from others with his own artistic expression. LM

Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 82
Seconds: 0

D, G, P: Jafar Panahi  

CP: Jafar Panahi Film Production


Pascale Ramonda
T +33 6 6201 3241

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Jafar Panahi Irán

He was born in Mianeh, Iran, in 1960. He studied film in Tehran and directed the films The White Balloon (1995), The Mirror (1997), The Circle (2000), This Is Not a Film (2011; Bafici ‘12), and Closed Curtains (Bafici ‘13; co-directed with Kamboziya Partovi), among others.

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