Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

In one scene in Juliana, the young title character watches a soap opera and sees some absurd images that are far from the reality she knows. This moment reminds of scenes from Miss Universo en el Perú (also included in this section) where a contradiction is revealed and the audience is questioned socio-culturally. The style of Juliana was an extension of Grupo Chaski’s documentary work –that is why they cast anonymous faces that included real street kids, marginal theater actors and people from the neighborhood. The characters in Juliana survive the misery and unemployment of suburban Lima during the first Aprista government, and they seem destined to exchange one form of exploitation for another. The phrase one of the kids says, “Ma’am, more and more inflation: prices inflate and plates deflate,” reminds us of a time in which the country hit rock bottom, and of which this film is a very valuable critical testimony.

Year: 1989
Format: 16mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 85
Seconds: 0

D: Fernando Espinoza, Alejandro Legaspi

G: René Weber
F: Danny Gavidia

E: Roberto Aponte

DA: Esteban Mejía
S: Mario Rivas, Daniel Padilla

M: José Bárcenas

P: Stefan Kaspar
CP: Grupo Chaski, ZDF 


I: Rosa Isabel Morfino, Julio Vega, Maritza Gutti, Guillermo Esqueche, Edward Centeno


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