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Tale of Chun Hyang

No different to most other societies, Korea was once governed by princes and kings, and its defined aristocratic class structures forms the basis for Tale of Chun Hyang. The film is an adaptation of a traditional Korean tale of the impossible love between a beautiful young woman born of a nobleman and his kisaeng (Korean concubine) and a young aristocrat, the tender hearted Mong Ryong, of whom she’s considered unworthy. Their secret marriage seems doomed when Mong Ryong departs for Seoul and his absence lasts three years, during which no news is heard of him.

Título original: Chunhyangjeon
Spanish title: Cuento de Chun Hyang
Year: 1980
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 147
Seconds: 0

D: Yu Won-jun, Yun Ryong-gyu

G: Kim Sung-gu, Paek In-jun

F: Pak Kyong-won


Kim Sung-gu, Paek In-jun


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