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Vashti Bunyan: From Here to Before

Out of the endless legends the Sixties have provided to pop and rock mythology, few are as fascinating as the one of Vashti Bunyan, the fairy singer and composer who, right before reaching stardom, set out on a wagon trip from London to Scotland, where she put out all the lights around her in order to live a simple life in anonymity for several decades. From Here to Before sets a reunion with Bunyan almost 45 years after her flight from the worldly raucous, and joins her as she repeats the journey that sent her away from the smoke of an already decadent Swinging London. The film features an absolute confidence in Bunyan’s image and voice, in her serene and at times fragile narration –a way of telling a story that leaves in the air a sensation that is perfectly comparable to the one her songs generate. FG

Spanish title: Vashti Bunyan: De aquí a antes
Year: 2008
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 87
Seconds: 0

D, F: Kieran Evans

E: Matt Garner

S: Matt Baird

P: Steve Butterworth, Jason Hocking

CP: CC-Films


Vashti Bunyan


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Kieran Evans Reino Unido

Kieran Evans (born 8 February 1969)[1] is a Welsh film director and screenwriter whose work includes music videos, film and documentaries. His 2012 film Kelly + Victor, produced by Janine Marmot, saw Evans awarded the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer at the 2014 BAFTAs.

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