Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Madres de los dioses

Pablo Agüero returns to El Bolsón to narrate in three movements (Apocalypse, Illumination, and Genesis) the life of four women who at one point decide to leave their lives and start from scratch, assume a new religion, and build a temple. Mothers of the Gods is a hypnotic, mysterious and somewhat sensual portrait of Samiha, Humana, María, and Maicoño. All of them have embraced their enigmatic return to El Bolsón as a last refuge against the past and loneliness. Each one commits to a different spirituality, and yet there’s something that unites and calls upon them to meet around a bonfire in the nights of full moon. Quoting the beautiful final line of the film spoken by Geraldine Chaplin, each one “has created her own God, her own religion, and her own temple, and yet they form one single people.” They are the new women. FG

English title: Mothers of the Gods
Year: 20154
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 84
Seconds: 0

D, G, F: Pablo Agüero 

E: Sebastián Schjaer 

S: Emiliano Biaiñ  

P: Matías Tamborenea, Pablo Agüero 

PE: Matías Tamborenea  

CP: Gora Films, 77 Films 



Geraldine Chaplin, Samiha Aguirre, Maicoño Guitart, María Merino, Humana Espectral Amarilla


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Pablo Agüero Argentina

He was born in Mendoza in 1977. His work as director includes the shorts Lejos del sol (2005) and Primera nieve (2006), and the films Salamandra (2008) and 77 Doronship (2009), for which he received the Best Director Award in the 11th Festival’s Argentine Competition.

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