Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

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In one of their many songs –the one entitled “What Belongs to Everyone Belongs to No One”, Los Aldeanos say, among many other things: “Justifying all with the blockade / you need to get a license to fart / I see, I see, how ugly this is getting (…) / no evil lasts a hundred years, yup, but half, yes.” Los Aldeanos are Cuba’s most famous hip-hop band. And they’re against the government that is more than half a century-old. The lyrics in Los Aldeanos’ songs are filled with creativity and criticism, and this film by French director Léa Rinaldi clearly differs from all the documentaries that go up to Cuba in search of typical music footage but look the other way when it comes to the island’s reality. This Is What It Is is a vital and appealing document of conflicts, music, art, opinions, and contradictions. Los Aldeanos and Little Free Silvio (Silvio Rodríguez’s son) sing, talk, and question. In Cuba, they are accused of criticizing the regime, while in Miami people reproach they don’t criticize Mr. Castro enough. JPF

English title: This Is What It Is
Year: 2015
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 100
Seconds: 0

D, F: Léa Rinaldi  

E: Coralie Van Rietschoten  

S: Raymi Morales 

M: Al2 El Aldeano, Silvito el Libre  

CP: Aléa Films 


Aldo Rodríguez Baquero, Silvito Liam Rodríguez


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