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Lima bruja. Retratos de la música criolla

One of the shots in Lima bruja features the voice over of the director telling us that “time was our worst enemy.” He’s referring to the fact that every creole musician who dies takes away a part of creole music along with him. The film would return to this issue over and over. Lima bruja allows us to discover the world of these old goldfinches from the inside: their alleys, roisters, and traditions. As a social and historical representation of a generation, the documentary preserves a legacy but doesn’t revel in it. It represents a portion of Lima that is on the verge of extinction and abstracted from contemporary life, and also celebrates –with admiration but no melancholy or pathetic view– an irreplaceable generation. Although the scrip tells us creole music will never die, the documentary itself nostalgically evokes a past time that is now seeing its last days. Lima bruja is a historical testimony of a time that leaves us behind at grand speed, but –just like a child receiving a loving pad in the back– we must remember that those who are gone are to be remembered with roisters, not tears. 

English title: Enchanted Lima. Portraits of Criollo Music
Year: 2012
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 81
Seconds: 0

D: Rafael Polar Pin

G, E: Javier Becerra Heraud, Rafael Polar Pin
F: Carlos De La Cadena

P, PE: Rafael Polar Pin, Fernando Urquiaga Heineberg

CP: Tamare Films, Sayariy Producciones


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