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She Makes Comics

Behind the beautiful (and sometimes even smart) exaggeration of the pin-up girl who wins a geek’s heart (whether it’s the pop pedigree version, Ramona Flowers, or the killer sitcom beauty, Penny… Penny… Penny…), 2014 exposed the filthy side of that fantasy: they became public and controversial cases of sexism, and even abuse, in the American comic book and video game universes. She Makes Comics, documentary wonder, succeeds in being political just by filling the trading card album (without looking the pack’s content) –without being thorough, and without wanting to be so, it loves its women, who have devoted their lives to making comics and creating pop culture in America. The reverence to Jackie Ormes (the first black professional) and Ramona Fradon, the celebration of Jenette Kahn (who created the brains of modern mainstream comics in the eighties) or the lucidity of Kelly Sue DeConnick are not exceptions, but evolutions of the unfortunately secret reality of women in the medium. “She makes comics” sounds like a Ramones song and, luckily, this documentary vibrates in a similar, joyously cartoonish way. JMD

Spanish title: Ella hace historietas
Year: 2014
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 72
Seconds: 0

D: Marisa Stotter

F: Jordan Rennert

E: Marisa Stotter, Patrick Meaney

P: Marisa Stotter, Patrick Meaney, Jordan Rennert

PE: Karen Green, Mike Phillips, Julian Darius


Kelly Sue DeConnick, Wendy Pini, Gail Simone, Ramona Fradon, Trina Robbins


Respect Films. Patrick Meaney
T +1 914 275 5070 E
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Friday 17 - 20:25 h
ArteMultiplex Belgrano Room: 1
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Marisa Stotter Estados Unidos

Born in New Jersey, USA, she studied and graduated at the Wesleyan University. After some work in the area of production, she debuted as a film director with She Makes Comics.

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