Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

People always ask us why we chose to inaugurate our film restoration studio with The Truce. We could answer that it was simply because of the technical challenge, or because we wanted to pay a well-deserved tribute to Sergio Renán, a fundamental artist. Or because of the great performance of Alterio and an incomparable cast. Or because we wanted to bring younger generations closer to the history of our cinema. Or because The Truce made history with the country’s first Oscar nomination. Since our Academy is the one responsible for picking up the film that will represent the country in the world’s most prestigious film award, it would seem right. Or better yet, we could say we chose it unanimously because we believe it’s one of the finest films our cinema has given us. As simple as that. And as truthful. The honesty with which the film depicts –for the very first time in our country’s cinema– a man’s homosexuality and the consequences of his truth. The mirror of a society in a troubled time. And that blessed truce that love brings. The question is not: “Why did we choose The Truce?” The question is: “Why wouldn’t we choose it?” Board of Directors of the Argentine Film Academy

English title: The Truce
Year: 1974
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 108
Seconds: 0

D: S. Renán

G: A. Bortnik, S. Renán

F: J. C. Desanzo

E: O. Souto, J. C. Macías

DA: R. Zemborain, T. Tamames

S: A. Libenson M: J. Plaza

P: R. Aure, T. Tamames, R. Zemborain

PE: B. Zupnik


H. Alterio, L. Brandoni, A. M. Picchio, M. Ross, O. Martínez


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Sergio Renán Argentina

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1933. Actor, director and opera regisseur, he was the General and Artistic Director of Buenos Aires’ Colón Theater, an ambassador, General Director of Cultural Matters of the Foreign Office and director of the National Fund for the Arts. His other films are Crecer de golpe, Gracias por el fuego, Tacos alt...

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