Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Un aplauso al que vive

No taboos seem to exist for evangelist pastor Diego Gebel and his three-hour-plus shows-masses. Dancing, music, variety shows, transvestites, sequin, stand-up comedy or singer Pocho la Pantera; to Gebel, who officiates those agitated bacchanalias, everything can turn into an instrument to spread the word of God and alleviate people’s souls. Florencia Inés González’s fifth film reveals a strange ritual in which grotesque and pastiche work as garments of irreproachable authenticity: Gebel could well be a messenger of God or just another charlatan, but the testimonies by his faithful reveal a tangible happiness. The images portray a unique faith made of devotion, spirituality and cumbia music at full blast. As the film unfolds, the pastor’s figure acquires unexpected proportions; during the final ecstasy the parishioners surrender to, while they’re dancing, spinning on their own axis and collapsing to the floor, we can see Gebel observing from upstage, satisfied, almost sure of having completed his mission on Earth. DM

English title: An Applause to He Who Lives
Year: 2015
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 68
Seconds: 0

D, G, P: Florencia Inés González

F: Florencia Inés González, Paula Morón Ruiz

E: Alejandro Brodersohn, Karin Marzocchini Felli

S: Martín Grignaschi

CP: LaOtraZala


Diego Gebel, Hugo Ponzo, Gladys Díaz, Norma Campos, Horacio Rodríguez


LaOtraZala. Florencia Inés González
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Florencia Inés González Argentina

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1972. She studied filmmaking with José Martínez Suárez and film directing at the FUC. At the university, she wrote and directed three shorts: Lenta va la noche (1991), Azul, casi transparente (1993) and Peceses (1995). Un aplauso al que vive is her fifth documentary and her first feature.

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