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Through wonderful archival footage, including the Hockney family’s own home movies, and interviews with family, friends, and the artist himself, Wright develops an extraordinary portrait of a man who grew up among the privations of postwar Britain to embrace, in his art and in his life, the dreams and fantasies of legendary places: London, New York, Los Angeles. With his big black nerd glasses and dyed blond hair, David Hockney wasn’t just the epitome of Mod cool in the 1960s; he helped invent it via his very public personality, and making funky paintings and drawings that explored what it meant to be gay at a time before being out, as he was, was much accepted beyond the tolerant bohemian community he was part of. At nearly 80, Hockney is still making intriguing work, taking advantage of new technologies in ways that you might not expect from someone who is, as he notes, from the last generation to grow up without television.

Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 112
Seconds: 0

D: Randall Wright  

F: Patrick Duval  

E: Paul Binns  

S: Molinare  

M: John Harle  

P: Kate Ogborn, Randall Wright  

CP: HanWay Films  


David Hockney


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Randall Wright Reino Unido

Filmmaker and producer based in London. He directed more than twenty documentaries including Jack.The Lad (1997; a Bafta award nominee), John Le Carré: The Secret Centre (2000) and Lucian Freud: A Painted Life (2012; awarded by the Royal Television Society).

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