Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

In the marginal areas of Lima, a group of five teenagers (three boys and two girls) tries to survive faced with the almost nil social chances the presents has to offer them. None of them loses their ability to face all adversities and dream with a change that would alter their existence, stuck as it is in the poor neighborhood Jardines del Paraíso, where the arrival of a circus is almost an unthinkable event. Keeping away from any mere depiction of miserable conditions, Héctor Gálvez manages every character’s conflict to have its own very specific gravity, illuminating different areas of despair, hope, banality, and the tragedy of social castaways. Paradise features a very steady hand that is able to build a sophisticated and free cinematographic realism, one that is capable of sustaining long fixed shots with a documentary-style hand-held camera. But also, the film dusts off all those formal bad habits and shortcomings of Latin American cinema, and sets a multiple but essential storytelling without ever losing focus of its social dimension or context of belonging, which is omnipresent in the fully cinematographic Peruvian landscape. 

Year: 2009
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 91
Seconds: 0

D, G: Héctor Gálvez

F: Mario Bassino

E: Eric Williams
DA: Iván Lozano

S: Pancho Adrianzen

M: Lalo Williams
P: Enid Campos, Josué Méndez

PE: Enid Campos, Josué Méndez
CP: Chullachaki Producciones 


I: Yiliana Chong, Joaquín Ventura, José Luis García, Gabriela Tello, William Gómez


Chullachaki Producciones.

Héctor Gálvez
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Teatro San Martín Room: L. Lugones
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