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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires


Friday 24 a las 15:00 h

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Teatro Colón - Cerrito 628

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Amalia was the first Argentine novel. Written in 1851 by José Mármol during his exile in Montevideo, it was published in chapters on the newspaper La Semana, and stood as a big statement against Rosas, who was then governor of Buenos Aires. In 1914, successful playwright Enrique García Velloso decided to adapt the play into cinema, and this was probably the first Argentine feature-length film. Curiously or not, the film slightly blurs the dictatorial and savage figure of Rosas written by Mármol, and makes him to be much more human, catholic, and conservative. The Pablo Ducrós Hicken Film Museum holds the only existing print of this film in 35mm nitrate veered into several colors. Some of the rolls are in very good shape and others have different degrees of physical deterioration. Also, there’s a black and white 16mm negative print in the hands of the Cinemateca Argentina Foundation. The two prints were used to make an HD copy, with its colors corrected according to the original version. It will be screened with live music by Adrián Iaies Trio. AL

Year: 1914
Format: DM
Color: B&N
Minutes: 70
Seconds: 0

D, G: Enrique García Velloso

G: Enrique García Velloso

F: Eugenio Py

P: Max Glücksmann



Susana Larreta y Quintana, Luis García Lawson, Jorge Quintana, Lucía de Bruyn, José Miguens


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