Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

La niña de tacones amarillos

Here lies an unclassifiable film, an object that (fortunately) manages to slip away from the canons of supposed good taste and consensus, and finds its own space as a novel of sentimental education set in Tumbayá, Jujuy, an idyllic place whose everyday life altered by the construction of a big hotel. Isabel is a young local girl, a young princess with mauve eyelashes who that starts a relationship with one of the workers who arrived to town. Somehow, she incarnates the ambiguity of the relation between Tumbayá itself and the newcomers, in a game of mutual need and utilization, an uncertain area in which the will to break away with a boring isolation and the irreparable loss of innocence clash against each other. Luminous, sensual, and featuring a beauty as untamable as the lead character herself, The Girl in Yellow Heels is the work of a filmmaker we should keep a close eye on. FG

English title: The Girl in Yellow Heels
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 74
Seconds: 0

D, G: Luján Loioco

F: Martín Frías

E: Ana Remon

DA: Alicia Vazquez

S: Nahuel Palenque

M: Eric Kuschevatzky, Chato Cruz

P: Luján Loioco, Daniel Werner

PE: Daniel Werner

CP: Werner Cine


Mercedes Burgos, Manuel Vignau, María Fernanda Domínguez, Emiliana Di Pasquo, Lucas Gauna


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Luján Loioco Argentina

She graduated as a Film Director from Universidad del Cine. She directed the short film Sangra (2008), and in 2010 was selected for an Ibermedia scholarship to attend a Film Scriptwriting Workshop in Tenerife. She worked as a producer and writer for film and TV.

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