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Equí y n’otru tiempu

An intense and moving elegy for the fugaos or Asturian Maquis who were murdered in the Spanish Civil Post-war at the hands of Franco’s repressive forces, Here and in Other Time not only intends to be a political film, but also to work with the forms of cinema in a radically political way. After a prologue that conjures the ghosts of some of those men who went deep into the forests to fight (this is also a horror film), and an epilogue that only consists in a popular song, the core of the film is dedicated to gloss the murdered guerrillas one by one, as if it were calling roll on the dead. The roads, houses, and forests are deserted or abandoned, shot as they look today with only a few signs informing the names and circumstances of the men they died there. And the series of places of absence, of specters of memory, slowly gains in emotion, as if the past invaded the present to settle a score. That big graveyard of dishonor becomes then a monument to interrupted freedom, and Bande’s film turns into one of the most important ones in recent Spanish cinema. CL

Spanish title: Aquí y en otro tiempo
English title: Here and in Other Time
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 71
Seconds: 0

D, G: Ramón Lluís Bande  

F: Juan A. García  

E: Daniel Álvarez  

S: Antonio De Benito  

PE: Vera Robert  

CP: De la Piedra Producciones


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Ramón Lluís Bande España

He was born in Gijón, Spain, in 1972. He directed several films, including El fulgor (2002), Estratexa, Divina lluz (both in 2003), De la fuente (2004), El paisano, un retratu colectivu (2005), La carta de Bárbara (2007) and Llar (2014; alongside Elisa Cepedal).

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