Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

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The Empty Classroom is a kaleidoscope of stories, a collective film made of precise and smart short films from countries such as Argentina, by the hand of Fendrik and Martel; Mexico, with Pereda and Chenillo; Brazil, with Castro and Rocha; Peru, with Vera; Uruguay, with Stoll; Colombia with Gaviria Pérez; and El Salvador, with Huezo Sánchez. They all share the same subject: the difficult access to education. Poverty, social violence, misunderstanding, the gap between generations, the power of tradition, and the force of nature, are all factors that prevent teenagers from exercising their free right to an education. The short films, coordinated by Gael García Bernal, bet mostly on visible common signs: the backpacks –hanging, carried on young people’s backs, laid on the floor–, the gates –which separate, divide, and limit territories– the indoors with its labyrinth school hallways and the outdoors, with its nature and urban ferocity, the chipped walls that draw the educational system’s deficiency. The Empty Classroom is a valuable documentary, mostly because it involves us from despair, fear, and impotence. MG

English title: The Empty Classroom
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 111
Seconds: 0

Director artístico: G. García Bernal

D: F. Castro, M. Chenillo, P. Fendrik, C. Gaviria, T. Huezo, L. Martel, N. Pereda, E. Rocha, P. Stoll, D. Vega Vidal, D. Vega Vidal

E: F. Gómez S: O. Juárez Espino, M. Aceves

M: Lucio, L. Heiblum

P: L. Conn, M. Núñez Puerto

PE: M. Cabrol, G. Manzano, G. García Bernal

CP: Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Canana


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