Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Natural Resistance

In Natural Resistance, director Jonathan Nossiter combines his love for wine, cinema and Italy. A former sommelier, Nossiter previously made Mondovino, documenting how globalizing trends threaten to drive out distinctive wines. He didn’t foresee returning to the topic until last summer when he found himself in Tuscany, seated with Italian winemakers dedicated to resisting the prevalent use of chemicals. Joining them was Gian Luca Farinelli, a crusader for film preservation and the director of Cineteca di Bologna. Their conversation, in Nossiter’s words, was “joyously anarchic and personal” –one might say: Italian–, drawing connections between film culture and agriculture. Nossiter instinctively turned on his camera and continued to follow these subjects against the sun-kissed backdrop of Italian vineyards. And there’s also a complementary thread of discussion with the Cineteca director Farinelli, who struggles against the erasure of film history. TP

Spanish title: Resistencia natural
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 85
Seconds: 0

D, E: Jonathan Nossiter

F: Jonathan Nossiter, Paula Prandini

S: Marcos Molina, Rec’n’Play

P: Jonathan Nossiter, Paula Prandini, Santiago Amigorena, Giacomo Claudio Rossi

CP: Les Films du Rat, Prodigy, Goatworks Films, Cineteca di Bologna


Stefano Bellotti, Elena Pantaleoni, Corrado Dottori, Giovanna Tiezzi, Stefano Borsa


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Jonathan Nossiter Brasil Estados Unidos

An American and Brazilian citizen, he was born in Washington D. Cans currently resides in Rome. Some of his works as director are Resident Alien (1991; Berlín), Searching for Arthur (1998; Locarno), Making Mischief, Losing the Thread (botf in 2001 and screened in Rotterdam),and Mondovino (2004; Cannes).

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