Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Harvey Logan and his two children live in the windy desolation of Tierra del Fuego, by the ocean. It’s not exactly an idyllic trio: Logan is violent; Eva is a restless and sensual teenager who dreams about going to Paris; his pathologically introverted brother Juan is in love with her. A British businessman and an Argentine engineer who want to buy the land enter into the scene. Logan refuses and decides to build the several kilometers-long wire fence of the title –an idea that will lead him to a tragedy. Bechis orchestrates this bitter, desperate story of stubbornness and solitude with surprising maturity and containment for an opera prima. And he reveals himself as a remarkable visual narrator –with sober, essential, sarcastic and poetic images– in a film with as many words as inhabitants there are in Patagonia. Melville –we learned this from Bruce Chatwin– used the adjective “Patagonian” to define anything that is strange, monstrous, and also fascinating. It’s a perfect adjective for Alambrado, which undoubtedly marks the debut of a true filmmaker. IB

Year: 1991
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 100
Seconds: 0

D: Marco Bechis  

G: Marco Bechis, Lara Fremder

 F: Pucho CourtalonE: Nino Baragli, Pablo Mari  

DA: Jorge Sarudianski  

S: Tullio MorgantiM: Jacques Lederlin  

P: Roberto Cicutto, Vincenzo De Leo, Oscar KramerPE: Diana Frey  

CP: Aura Film, Raitre, Oscar Kramer  


Jacqueline Lustig, Arturo Maly, Martin Kalwill, Enrique Ahriman, Matthew Marsh


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Marco Bechis Chile

He was born in Santiago de Chile in 1955, and lived in Buenos Aires, Brazil, USA and Europe. He studied Film in Milan, Italy. He directed the medium length film Luca’s Film (1997) and the full length films Garage Olimpo (1999; Silver Condor for Best Director), Figli/Hijos (2001), BirdWatchers (La terra degli uomini rossi) (2008), and Il sorri...

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