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Canción perdida en la nieve

Originally German and made during the First and Second World Wars, Bergfilms –or mountain films– have an Argentine exponent: Gustav Lantschner’s Canción de la nieve (1954). As a consequence of the war, the German community in Bariloche welcomed their fellow countrymen in the late 1940s. Lantschner was one of them, and his cinematographic experience in extreme situations produced the very first recordings of deserted landscapes in our Patagonia. With this documentary, Francisco D’Eufemia proposes a revaluation of that film material, thus exploring the origins of German mountain films through our country’s General Archives. Its arrival to Argentina, its reflection of elitist ideological notions, and its aesthetic development through its framings and editing are some of the objects the film analyses. Without leaving aside the historical context and conversing with the protagonists, D’Eufemia continues to inquire about man’s fascination with mountains, something as ancient as man himself. MG

English title: Song Lost in the Snow
Year: 2015
Format: DM
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 72
Seconds: 0

D: Francisco D’Eufemia

G: Javier Zevallos

F: Pablo Bernst

E: Pedro Barandiaran, Francisco D’Eufemia

S: Natalia Toussaint

M: Germán Suane

P: Nadia Martínez

PE: Nadia Martínez

CP: Ponchocine


Dinko Bertoncelj, Carlos Echeverría, Fernando Martín Peña, Paula Félix-Didier, Guzzi Lantschner


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Francisco D’Eufemia Argentina

He was born in Berazategui in 1982. When he finished high school, he wandered through several film-related educational institutions until he enrolled in ENERC, where he majored in Editing. Together with his partners Javier Zevallos and Nadia Martínez, he founded the production company Ponchocine. Song Lost in the Snow is his first film as di...

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