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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Moomins on the Riviera

Celebrating the re-release of Moomin, Neil Gaiman defined it as “a lost treasure that finally surfaces: one of the sweetest and strangest comic books that have ever been written or drawn. A surreal masterpiece. Truthfully.” The moomins are a bunch of beautiful things (yes, things), a hyper-white species of biped hippos that mix the incisive tenderness of Charlie Brown with a wise but naughty optimism in their everyday life. Based on Tove and Lars Jansson’ strips, Moomins on the Riviera is the first film about this childhood landmark in sixty years. The film maintains not only the playful visual sense of an aesthetics that resembles 1950s design, but also the moomin’s alterative way of rising as a liberating (loving) force. It’s something that, either in its film or vignette form, understands that being a child is also being a “thing” that knows how to watch smile, invade, and destroy when the time is right –without ever losing its tenderness. JMD

Spanish title: Moomins en la Riviera
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 77
Seconds: 0

D: Xavier Picard  

G: Leslie Stewart, Annina Enckell, Beata Harju, Hanna Hemilä, Xavier Picard  

E: Thomas Belair  

M: Milja Viljamaa, Anna-Karin Korhonen, Panu Aaltio, Timo Lassy  

P: Hanna Hemilä  

CP: Handle Production, Pictak  


Russell Tovey, Nathaniel Parker, Tracy Ann Oberman, Stephanie Winiecki


Indie Sales. Martin GondreT +33 1 4483 0227  



TW @MoominsRiviera

Sunday 19 - 19:05 h
Village Recoleta Room: 2
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Thursday 23 - 18:45 h
Village Caballito Room: 4
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Xavier Picard Francia

French born writer and producer, his prolific international career as an animator includes works for Hanna Barbera, Luc Besson and Mamoru Oshii. In 2000, he co-founded the animation company Pictak, with which he has co-produced such films as Marcelino, Odd Family and Valerian.

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