Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Les Règles du jeu

It’s possible that, in Renoir’s time, just one rule would have sufficed. Not today. This documentary by Claudine Bories and Patrice Chagnard is the story of three twenty-year-olds who seek to insert themselves in the French labor market. They are not brilliant, by the way, and the world hasn’t prepared them to understand what it means to become an adult. The three of them turn to a company whose business is to help them integrate in the world of labor. The end result is atrocious, even if there are moments of comedy or hope, even if the latter consists in being happy about having found a place to be exploited in. The cold company building to which these castaways go on a pilgrimage in order for them to help them find a miserable islet where they can survive seems to be populated by nice people. But the film manages to show us that they are all as desperate and enslaved as those they must make part of the machinery. In spite of its humor –the film its share of it– Rules of the Game is a nightmarish film, a portrait of horror, a small glimmer to some future –or present– Middle Ages. LMDE

Spanish title: Las reglas del juego
English title: Rules of the Game
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 106
Seconds: 0

D, G: Claudine Bories, Patrice Chagnard  

F: Patrice Chagnard  

E: Stéphanie Goldschmidt  

S: Benjamin Van de Wielle, Pierre Carrasco  

P: Muriel Maynard, Patrick Sobelman  

CP: Ex Nihilo, Les Films du Parotier


Lolita, Kevin, Amid, Thierry


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Claudine Bories Francia

She started her career in theater after making such films as Juliette from the Men’s Side (1981; Cannes) and The Arrivals (2009).

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Patrice Chagnard Francia

He studied philosophy at the Sorbonne and directed Swami-ji, an Inner Voyage (1983) and Impression, Museum of Algiers (2003), among other films.

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