Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Circus meets jealousy in one of the biggest German box-office hits of 1925. Three lifes standing at the abyss of their feelings in this melodrama full of love, passion, hate and death wish. Here Weimar cinema is wannabe-American: The leading man Emil Jannings was the first ever to win an Academy Award for Best Actor, and the last German. Leading girl Lya de Putti went to Hollywood, but failed. Suspense and emotions connect in a totally artificial world: the stage was a sort of magic dream place for Weimar Germany –for daily-life leisure, as well as for political escapism. It fascinated the film directors, and countless are the movies with stage and revue scenes. Jealousy was lost for years; now rediscovered, it was freshly restored for this year’s Berlinale.

English title: Jealousy
Year: 1925
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 95
Seconds: 0

D, G: Ewald André Dupont  

F: Karl Freund  

DA: Oscar Friedrich Werndorff  

P: Erich Pommer  



Emil Jannings, Maly Delschaft, Lya De Putti, Warwick Ward, Alice Hechy


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