Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Petits arrangements avec les morts

A Breton beach at sundown. Around a sand castle we have three characters: a kid nicknamed Jumbo and his two adult brothers, François and Zaza, who were also kids one day and went through an event similar to little Jumbo’s: the death of a loved one; a death from which they had to learn to coexist with and become immune to grief, like the bees in that documentary insert narrated by Luc Moullet. Pascale Ferran’s first feature is a triptych, as evidenced by its subtitle, in which we can recognize traces of Arnaud Desplechin’s work –its novelistic nature, its narrative detours. It’s not coincidental: Desplechin collaborates in the script for Petits arrangements avec les morts just as Ferran had co-scripted La Sentinelle with him. Of course, another good title for this Golden Camera award winner in Cannes 1994 could have been La vie des morts. JP

Spanish title: Pequeños arreglos con los muertos
English title: Coming to Terms with the Dead
Year: 1994
Format: 35mm
Color: Color
Minutes: 104
Seconds: 0

D: Pascale Ferran  

G: Pierre Trividic, Pascale Ferran  

F: Jean-Claude Larrieu  

E: Guy Lecorne  

DA: Philippe Chiffre  

S: Jean-Jacques Ferran  

M: Béatrice Thiriet  

P: Aline Mehouel  

CP: Cinéa, Eclipsa Films, La Sept Cinéma, Pan Européenne Production  


Didier Sandre, Charles Berling


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