Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Ojalá Val del Omar

Ojalá Val del Omar is a film that seems to understand that a portrait of such a figure cannot conform itself with being a documentary or a biopic. The point of view of Val del Omar’s world –he was a poet, a mystic, and an inventor– is so unique that we can’t but question about the way to tell his story. This collage is thus formed by episodes from Val del Omar’s life, from his childhood to moments and epiphanies represented by lyrical images and sounds that drink from his own aesthetics. The group is completed by fragments of his work (which carry an infallible and overwhelming power), and some of his many audio recordings. The result is an elusive biography that is more spiritual than causal, and tries to think and film itself in the same way as its object of study. A passionate portrait that doesn’t lack rigor, by someone who once confessed “I’ve found out that above all I’ve been a great amateur,” and with a title that is the expression of a burning wish, as it evokes Val del Omar’s eternal quest.”

Year: 1997
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 55
Seconds: 0

D: Cristina Esteban  

G, F: Javier Quintanilla  

E: Joaquín Ojeda, Alberto Ortiza  

DA: Ferrán Sánchez  

S: Antoni Suesta, Ricard Casals  

M: Panxo Barrera  

PE: Piluca Baquero, Álvaro Olavarría

CP: Civic Producciones, Videomax, Estudio Uno



Juan Diego, Arturo Baltar, Javier Gurrea, Gerardo Esteve, Eduardo Marín


Archivo María José Val del Omar & Gonzalo Sáenz de Buruaga.
Piluca Baquero
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Saturday 18 - 12:30 h
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