Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Jerez & el misterio del Palo Cortado

In the nearby areas of Jerez de la Frontera there are ideal climate conditions for grapes (the palomino kind) grows splendidly, even if they basically grow on rocks. From that you get Spain’s most distinctive wine, and the one with a larger presence in the world’s popular culture: sherry. Yet, obviously, this fame could not have been achieved merely because of geography and biology: it was also necessary a huge dedication by people who worked on wine production for centuries, as well as a whole culture associated to the grape harvest that includes its historic and fluctuating connection with England, the fascinating architecture of its cellars, and its long time partnering with flamenco music. It’s a both rich and heavy inheritance that seems to come into an unsalvageable conflict when searching for a new path within today’s consumption and marketing trends. A simple example is the ineffable mystique of the “palo cortado” variety, a wine that, according to the legend, cannot be tried for: it just happens. RA

English title: Sherry & the Mystery of Palo Cortado
Year: 2015
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 87
Seconds: 0

D: José Luis López Linares  

G: José Luis López Linares, Antonio Saura, Juan Fernández Castaldi

 F: Rafael Reparaz, David Escobar, Daniel Mauri

E: Pablo Blanco, Cristina Otero  

S: Juan Carlos Cid Torrejón  

M: Jorge Magaz  

P: Antonio Saura, José Luis López Linares  

PE: Antonio Saura Medrano  

CP: Zampa Audiovisual, López-Li Films


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José Luis López Linares España

The director of photography in films by C. Saura, F. Trueba, J. Chávarri, A. Tanner, and V. Erice. Since 1994, he has produced and directed more than 40 documentaries including Asaltar los cielos (Ondas Award 1997), Un instante en la vida ajena (Goya Award for Best Documentary in 2004), and Extras (Goya for Best Short Film in 2005).

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