Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

A school and a film director have joined forces in order to make a film. The filmmaker (Rosendo Ruiz) provided what a film director must provide, of course, but he went far beyond: he became fully involved in a collective work, left aside another part of what a film director is supposed to provide, and put together script, crew and cast along with teachers, non-teachers and students from the Dante Alighieri school, in Córdoba. The protagonists are teenagers who flee the city and embark on a trip across the Cordobese sierras in search of a mythical libertarian community. With the World Cup in Brazil as backdrop, the kids search and don’t find, find what they weren’t looking for, approach, retreat, live adventures clumsily or avoid them wisely, until they are left at the verge of a limit where the longing for a communal experience and their previous lives are equally far and it becomes necessary to come to a decision. The result is splendid in many ways; one of them has to do with it making many of the norms with which films are made in this country look like ridiculous adagios. MP

Section: Competencia Oficial Argentina
Saturday 18 - 21:30 h
Village Recoleta Room: 7
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Tuesday 21 - 16 h
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English title: All the Time in the World
Year: 2015
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 72
Seconds: 0


D: R. Ruiz 

G: M. Dalesson, E. Dominguez, F. González Kriegel, P. Ledesma, F. Raimo, I. Taboada, R. Ruiz 

F: P. González Galetto 

E: R. Sonzini, R. Ruiz 

DA: I. Riberi 

S: S. Curado

M: I. Croce, A. Navarro, I. Pereyra 

P: G. Suau, F. Bastida, G. Oviedo 

PE: S. Badino, I. Moyano 

CP: El Carro, Escuela Dante Alighieri 



J. I. Croce, M. Dalesson, P. Ledesma, M. Muzi


El Carro. Inés Moyano / Rosendo Ruiz
T +54 9 351 387 9201  +54 9 351 683 1205
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Rosendo Ruiz Argentina

Born in San Juan in 1967, he lives in Córdoba, where he majored in Film and TV at the UNC. His first film De caravana (2010), participated in the International Competition at the Mar del Plata Film Festival and won the Audience Award. His second feature, Tres D, participated in the Argentine Competition of the 16 th Festival.

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