Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

This sublime documentary couldn’t have a better theme song than the resounding “You’re Dead,” by Norma Tanega, which points out with preciseness the main qualities of its protagonists. With quite a steady hand, given the circumstances, Waikiki and Clement (who were also accomplices in Eagle vs. Shark and the series Flight of the Conchords) sink their teeth in the vices and virtues of their objects of study, achieving a high-flying record that sheds a –dim– light on an underworld often visited by fiction. The irresistible Vladislav, Viago, Deacon and Petyr share an old ramshackle house while they struggle among everyday trivialities such as housekeeping, aesthetic elections when dressing and etiquette details when it comes to “food,” all of them matters stretched out between stakes by this documentary filled with comedic moments that already shows signs of immortality. When comparing, many refer to This Is Spinal Tap, and perhaps they’re not wrong. It would be a deadly mistake to miss this film that shows some deep love for subgenres (the vampire-y one and the reality-show-y one). Because it’s clear that the main characters are vampires, right? PC

Section: Nocturna
Wendsday 22 - 23:00 h
Village Caballito Room: 4
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Saturday 25 - 22:15 h
ArteMultiplex Belgrano Room: 1
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English title: What We Do in the Shadows
Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 86
Seconds: 0


D: T. Waititi, J. Clement

G: J. Clement, T. Waititi

F: R. Bluck, DJ Stipsen

E: J. Woodford-Robinson, Y. Gorskaya, T. Eagles

DA: Ra Vincent

S: Tim Chaproniere

M: Plan 9

P: J. Clement, P. Harvey-White, E. Michael, T. Waititi, C. Winstanley

CP: Shadow Pictures, Defender Films, Unison Films, Two Canoes


J. Clement, T. Waititi, J. Brugh, C. Gonzalez-Macuer



T +54 11 5263 0187  

E -

W -

TW @DeliciousNecks

Taika Waititi Nueva Zelanda

Taika Waititi was born in New Zealand, in 1975. He directed Two Cars, One Night (2004; nominated for an Oscar), Eagle vs Shark (2007), and Boy (2009). 

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Jemaine Clement Nueva Zelanda

Jemaine Clement was born in New Zealand in 1974. He is one half of the comedy band Flight of the Conchords (the other one would be Bret McKenzie), and he starred in the HBO series of the same name.

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