Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

The road, a car, and a certain family tension we feel in the air seem to be –once again– the basic elements Sotomayor needs in order to organize the story. In this case, it’s a trip to Villa Gesell, and the film starts with an already triggered conflict: we find Martín and his girlfriend Eli by the side of the road, arguing over the phone with his mother because she didn’t give him the car papers. Quickly, the film stresses the couple’s strain and hard times during vacations, as they don’t have any routine that would contain them. In this context, the arrival of Martín’s mother will intensify the already existing problems. The director’s attentive and sharp eye really captures the piling of details and actions that conform this summer spent between the swimming pool and the beach: the taking over of the rented house, the mates, the guitar playing, the bonfire. Even when these elements might at first make up a nice vacation, here they reveal in a subtle way, and with an exquisite use of film language, the crisis and wear of the characters’ relationships. VB

Section: Competencia Oficial Argentina
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Village Recoleta Room: 5
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Village Recoleta Room: 5
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Monday 20 - 15:40 h
Village Caballito Room: 4
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Year: 2014
Format: DCP
Color: Color
Minutes: 60
Seconds: 0


D: Dominga Sotomayor 

G: Lisandro Rodríguez, Vanina Montes, Manuela Martelli, Dominga Sotomayor 

F: Nicolás Ibieta 

E: Catalina Marín  

DA: Limarí Ascui 

S: Julia Huberman 

P: Iván Eibuszyc, Dominga Sotomayor, Lisandro Rodríguez 

PE: Iván Eibuszyc 

CP: Cinestación, Frutacine


Lisandro Rodríguez, Vanina Montes, Andrea Strenitz


New Europe Film Sales. Jan Naszewski
T +48 600 173 205  +54 9 11 5727 4275
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Dominga Sotomayor Argentina

Born in Santiago de Chile in 1985, she graduated as Audiovisual Director from the Catholic University of Chile and did an MA in Film Directing in España. In 2008 she founded the production company Cinestación. Her first feature-length film Thursday ‘Til Sunday (Bafici ‘12), won the Tiger Award for Best Film at the Rotterda...

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