Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

The director of Garage Olimpo approached the figure of Vera Vigevani Jarach, a loving 86 year-old woman who was born in Italy and came to Argentina in 1939, and later joined the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo. Her heartbreaking story synthesizes two different horrors: the Holocaust and the last military dictatorship. She lost her grandfather, who died on February 1944 in Auschwitz, and her daughter Franca, who was barely 18, was disappeared in 1977. Bechis captures with great sensibility this story about airplanes (throwing bodies) and trains (carrying prisoners to concentration camps), and connects it with his own experiences at illegal detention camps. Specially moving scenes are the ones showing Vera hugging Marta Álvarez, one of the few survivors from ESMA, or the time she returned to her school in Milan (where by coincidence Bechis resides since his deportation from Argentina in 1977), from which she was expelled for being Jewish. A reflection on pain and memory. On heroes without tombs. DB

Sections: Panorama Competencia DDHH
Saturday 18 - 17 h
Fundación Proa
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Monday 20 - 12:00 h
Village Recoleta Room: 3
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Tuesday 21 - 11:50 h
Village Recoleta Room: 3
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Título original: Il rumore della memoria
English title: The Noise of Memory
Year: 2015
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 58
Seconds: 0


D: M. Bechis  

G: M. Bechis, A. Ferrari, C. Giargia, A. Rastelli  

F: C. Migliora, F. Profeta  

E: I. Patierno  

S: D. Sosio, M. Pochiero, A. Ricossa  

M: J. Lederlin  

P: M. Bechis, C. Giargia  

PE: C. Scardamaglia, D. Incalcaterra, P. Zingierman  

CP: Karta Film, Corriere della Sera


V. Vigevani Jarach, M. Bechis, M. Alvarez, L. Segre


Karta Film. Marco Bechis
T +39 348 570 1970
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Marco Bechis Chile

He was born in Santiago de Chile in 1955, and lived in Buenos Aires, Brazil, USA and Europe. He studied Film in Milan, Italy. He directed the medium length film Luca’s Film (1997) and the full length films Alambrado (1991), Garage Olimpo (1999; Silver Condor for Best Director), Figli/Hijos (2001), BirdWatchers (La terra degli uomini rossi) (2...

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