Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

When Anna Karina broke in tears watching The Passion of Joan of Arc (in 1962’s My Life to Live), sixteen years had passed after Maria Falconetti’s death. The parallelisms that can be traced from that scene give us a small hint of the consequences the 1928 classic had on the lives of director Carl Theodor Dreyer and Falconetti herself: it stood as a ghost from the past to the point that it ended up affecting everything they experienced afterwards. Nitrate Flames examines in full detail and with faithful reenactments the shooting of Dreyer’s most famous (and unfortunate) film and the tormented shooting sessions that caused Falconetti’s heartbreaking performance. Also, the path she took later, in which she spent her last days in Buenos Aires escaping debts and hardships, while the Danish filmmaker survived doing films for hire and the original prints of his film were lost in fires. JFG

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English title: Nitrate Flames
Year: 2015
Format: DM
Color: B&N + Color
Minutes: 65
Seconds: 0


D, G: M. Stopar

F: D. Poleri

E: T. Gjørv DA: Y. Fontán

S: H. Lammetun

M: S. Pedroncini

P: T. Buvarp, P. Bøe, M. Dubois, B. Avila, L. Muñoz, M. Stopar

PE: M. Dubois

CP: Habitación 1520 Producciones, Fenris Film, Ferryman Film


I. Molnar, G. Baudino, L. Marangón, C. A. Bozzo


Habitación 1520 Producciones. Maxi Dubois

T +54 11 4878 0345  +54 11 4878 0346

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W habitación

Mirko Stopar Argentina

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1974, where he studied film and made some shorts, music videos, TV work and advertisements. Since 2001, he is partially based in Norway, where he has worked as director and screenwriter for film and TV with his production company: Ferryman Film. He is currently preparing the scripts for two feature-film projects.

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