Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day? is the playful title of the second part of the Saint Etienne’s London Trilogy. It was filmed when London 2012 had been announced and it explores the wild and abandoned landscape of pre-Olympic Games Hackney Wick and the Lower Lea Valley. We watch Mervyn Day (Noah Kelly) go off on his paper round as the voices of David Essex (as Mervyn’s grandfather) and Linda Robson (Mervyn’s mother) tell us the tales of this once industrial, and therefore vibrant part of east London. It’s clear by what you see that progress has been unkind to this area. Ken Livingstone knew this and that was why he backed the London 2012 bid. What followed between 2005-2012 is the equivalent of 30 years’ worth of regeneration in just seven. In many senses the importance of this film is as a pre-Olympic development document of an area that has now been thrust into the future without everyone’s consent nor approval. Yet in 2005 Kelly uses bright sunny days to uncover a beauty and calm from the dereliction and decay. SW

Section: Britannia Lado B: Heavenly Films
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Spanish title: ¿Qué has hecho hoy Mervyn Day?
Year: 2005
Format: DM
Color: Color
Minutes: 48
Seconds: 0


D, F: Paul Kelly

G: Kevin Pearce

E: Mikey Tomkins

S: Johnny Burke, Paul Sheekey, Herb M: Saint Etienne, Ian Catt

P: Andrew Hinton

PE: Martin Kelly, Bob Stanley

CP: CC Lab


Noah Kelly, Martin Green, Nick Parrish, Andy Hackett, Sadie Kelly


Heavenly Films. Paul Kelly
T +44 789 998 1456 +44 778 669 6761
E - W

Paul Kelly Reino Unido

Paul Kelly born in 1962 in Farnborough, Hampshire.Taught as a pilot before becoming a musician in his band East Village. He began film making in the early 90's, firstly making music promo videos.2003- Finisterre 2005- What have you done today Mervyn Day?2007- This is Tomorrow2008- Take Three Girls2011- Lawrence of Belgravia2014- How We Used to...

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