Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Noelia de Mena Argentina

Born in Quilmes in 1992, she studied Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine and specialized in lighting and camera. She worked in different technical areas in most of her projects. This is her first work as director and scriptwriter.

Film: Así camino


Norberto Ramos del Val España

He was born in Cantabria, Spain, in 1970. He made advertisements, music videos and TV work. He made his directorial debut with the feature Muertos comunes (2004), which was followed by Hienas (2009), Our Last Weekend (2011) and Summertime (2012).

Film: Faraday


Omer Fast Israel

He was born in Jerusalem in 1972 and grew up in Israel and Nueva York. He studied English and Art and began his career designing a magazine. His video installations and other pieces have been exhibited in places like the Wexner Center for the Arts, the Whitney Museum of American Art and other museums in Vienna, Munich and Frankfurt.

Film: Everything That Rises Must Converge


Onur Tukel Estados Unidos

A writer, illustrator and occasional actor, he lives in Brooklyn, USA. He co-starred in Septien (2011) and Red Flag (2012), published the children’s books Little Friends (2012) and Rainstack! (2013), and directed the films House of Pancakes (1996), Sergio Lapel’s Drawing Blood (1998), Ding-a-ling-LESS (2001), The Pigs (2004), and Richar...

Film: Summer of Blood


Orson Welles Estados Unidos

Director, producer, screewriter and actor born in Kenosha, US, in 1915. At 16, he started his acting career at Dublin’s Gate Theatre, and made his debut as a film director in 1941 with his masterpiece Citizen Kane. He directed the film versions of Macbeth (1945) and Othello (1952) and also developed an important career as an actor. He died in...

Film: La dama de Shangai


Pablo Agüero Argentina

He was born in Mendoza in 1977. His work as director includes the shorts Lejos del sol (2005) and Primera nieve (2006), and the films Salamandra (2008) and 77 Doronship (2009), for which he received the Best Director Award in the 11th Festival’s Argentine Competition.

Film: Madres de los dioses


Pablo Paniagua Bolivia

He was born in Bolivia in 1985. He taught Photography and Editing courses at Film and Audiovisual Arts School in La Paz. He studied Photography and worked in the area of post-production of Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. In 2010 he directed his first short film, Uno.

Film: Despedida


Pablo Chehebar Argentina

They studied Image and Sound Design at the UBA. Pablo Chehebar directed one of the first Argentine 3D short films, and Nicolás Iacouzzi specialized in actor directing at the EICTV in Cuba. They worked as assistant directors for more than ten years, founded Metiche Films and directed the documentary Castores. La invasión del fin del mu...

Film: El Crazy Che


Pablo Bardauil Argentina

 Pablo Bardauil was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. He’s a Literature major (UBA) and trained as an actor. 

Film: La vida después


Pablo Coronel Argentina

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1979. He graduated from ISER as a TV studio operator. He worked as a director in Nanotecnólogo por un día, a documentary series for Tecnópolis TV, and Dulce y salado, a documentary series for Digital Television. He directed the short film La boca del tigre.

Film: Cumbia la reina


Pablo Montllau Argentina

Germán Fernández was born in Bahía Blanca in 1981, while Pablo Montllau was born in Buenos Aires in 1987. In 2006, they graduated as film directors from Cievyc, and are currently developing new projects while they work producing and directing in the fields of photography, film, advertising and music videos. Relámpago en...

Film: Relámpago en la oscuridad


Pascale Ferran Francia

It’s been said of Pascale Ferran, who was born in Paris in 1960 and graduated from the prestigious IDHEC, that she “practices film like haute couture or the engineering of precision.” And even though such a statement becomes easily verifiable in the elegance of her Lady Chatterley or the airport landscape in Bird People, it is als...

Films: L’Âge des possibles Lady Chatterley Petits arrangements avec les morts Bird People


Patrice Chagnard Francia

He studied philosophy at the Sorbonne and directed Swami-ji, an Inner Voyage (1983) and Impression, Museum of Algiers (2003), among other films.

Film: Les Règles du jeu


Patricia Pérez Perú

A Peruvian filmmaker, she got a scholarship from the Fulbright Commission for an MA in Film at the US after spending almost ten years working in TV and film production. She lives in Los Angeles and works as an assistant director in several Hollywood productions. She debuted as director with the film Mistura: The Power of Food (2011).

Film: Buscando a Gastón


Patricio Guzmán Chile

Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1941, he lives in France since 1998. He’s the founder and president of Santiago’s Documentary Film Festival. Bafici ‘11 showed a focus on his work, which included the three parts of La batalla de Chile (1975), The Southern Cross (1992), and Nostalgia for the Light (2010).

Film: El botón de nácar


Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma Argentina

Born in Buenos Aires in 1969, he’s an audiovisual director, journalist, and web editor. He studied social communication. His works were selected and exhibited by festivals in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Japan and Spain.

Film: Function Was Finished


Paul Marchand Estados Unidos

An experienced documentary filmmaker, he worked as an editor for Scorsese and Chris Rock, and he was the director of photography on John Maringouin’s Big River Man.

Film: Jaco


Paul Kelly Reino Unido

Paul Kelly born in 1962 in Farnborough, Hampshire.Taught as a pilot before becoming a musician in his band East Village. He began film making in the early 90's, firstly making music promo videos.2003- Finisterre 2005- What have you done today Mervyn Day?2007- This is Tomorrow2008- Take Three Girls2011- Lawrence of Belgravia2014- How We Used to...

Films: Finisterre Today’s Special Dexys: Nowhere Is Home Monty the Lamb What Have You Done Today Mervyn Day? Seven Summers How We Used to Live Lawrence of Belgravia Take Three Girls: The Dolly Mixture Story


Paula Schargorodsky Argentina

She’s a documentarist and transmedia producer born in Buenos Aires in 1977. A Political Science major, she studied Literature and Cinematography. One of her outstanding projects was Get Over It, developed at the NFB in Canada and winner of the Arte International Prize (Power to the Pixel).

Film: 35 y soltera


Pavel Marcano República Dominicana

He studied Filmmaking and Acting at the National Drama School of the Dominican Republic. He moved to Buenos Aires to study Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine. He’s currently developing his first documentary film.

Film: Nosotros, ustedes, ellos


Pawel Wojtasik Polonia

She was born in Lodz, Poland, in 1952. He exhibited his work at the MoMA, the Reina Sofía Museum and the Berlinale.

Film: Single Stream


Pedro Costa Portugal

He was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1959. Several of his films, like Ossos (1997), Colossal Youth (2006) and Centro histórico (2012; co-directed with Manoel de Oliveira, Aki Kaurismäki and Víctor Erice), were screened in Bafici.

Film: Cavalo Dinheiro


Pedro Speroni Argentina

He was born in 1987 in Argentina. He’s currently on the third year of the Image and Sound program.

Film: Peregrinación


Peter Greenaway Reino Unido

He was born in Wales in 1942 and trained as a plastic artist at the Walthamstow College of Art. He directed many films, including Zoo (1985), La tempestad (1991), Rembrandt’s J’accuse (2008) and 3x3D (together with Jean-Luc Godard and Edgar Pera; Bafici ‘14).

Film: Eisenstein in Guanajuato


Philippe Garrel Francia

He was born in Paris, France, in 1948. When he was only fifteen, he made his first short, Les Enfants désaccordés. Later, he directed more than thirty titles including Concentration (1968), Regular Lovers (2005), La Frontière de l’aube (2008; Bafici ‘09), and La Jalousie (2013; Official Competition at Venice 2013)

Film: Actua 1


Phillip Warnell Reino Unido

He studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, FAMU (Prague), the Middlesex University (London) and the en la AVU Academy of Fine Arts (Prague). The Girl with X-ray Eyes (2008) and Outlandish: Strange Foreign Bodies (2009), are some of his films. He lives and works in London.

Film: Ming of Harlem: Twenty One Storeys in the Air


Rafael Veljanovich Argentina

Majored in Communication Sciences, he’s the head of the company Zoomin, through which he produces TV contents.

Film: Sueños de héroes


Ramón Lluís Bande España

He was born in Gijón, Spain, in 1972. He directed several films, including El fulgor (2002), Estratexa, Divina lluz (both in 2003), De la fuente (2004), El paisano, un retratu colectivu (2005), La carta de Bárbara (2007) and Llar (2014; alongside Elisa Cepedal).

Film: Equí y n’otru tiempu


Randall Wright Reino Unido

Filmmaker and producer based in London. He directed more than twenty documentaries including Jack.The Lad (1997; a Bafta award nominee), John Le Carré: The Secret Centre (2000) and Lucian Freud: A Painted Life (2012; awarded by the Royal Television Society).

Film: Hockney


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