Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Juan Schnitman Argentina

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1980 and trained as a director at Universidad del Cine (FUC). He directed El amor (primera parte) (Bafici ‘04 and ‘13; together with Alejandro Fadel, Santiago Mitre and Martín Mauregui) and Grande para la ciudad (2007; with Andrés P. Estrada). The Fire is his first solo fiction film.

Film: El incendio


Juan Villegas Argentina

Born in Buenos Aires in 1971. He co-wrote ‘73 Model (Bafici ‘01) and A Week Alone (Special Mention at Bafici ‘08). He directed the feature films Saturday (Bafici ‘01), Los suicidas (Bafici ‘06), and Ocio (Bafici ‘10; co-directed with Alejandro Lingenti).

Film: Victoria (Competencia Argentina)


Juan Hendel Argentina

Born in 1978 in the city of Marcos Paz, he studied at Di Tella University’s Film Observatory and Film Lab. He directed the documentary El tramo (Bafici ‘12), and the short films Moraga (2009) and Arenal (Bafici ‘14). He’s currently developing his first feature-length film Los piélagos.

Film: Tosie


Juan Renau Argentina

He was born in Buenos Aires in 1986. He majored in Image and Sound Design at the UBA, Cinematography at SICA, and participated in the Torcuato Di Tella University’s Film Lab in 2012. He directed the short films Yo and Maru 2012 (Bafici ‘13).

Films: Incendio/Rescate Las luces


Juan Salvador Ramos Argentina

He was born in Buenos aires in 1987. He started the Filmmaking program in Universidad del Cine and continued working in the areas of digital post-production and animation. He worked as a cameraman an editor for several short films and documentaries.

Film: Escuchá


Juan Alejandro Ramírez Perú

Estudió antropología en Lima y los EEUU. Luego cine en New York. Ramirez escribe, dirige, filma y edita sus propias narrativas --una mezcla de hecho y ficción sujetadas por una mirada reflexiva. Exhibidas en el MoMA, NY; Rótterdam; Sundance; The Lincoln Center, NY; The Pompidou Center, Paris; etc. y ganado multiples prem...

Films: Solo un cargador Nadie especial Me dicen Yovo


Juan Manuel Ribelli Argentina

He was born in Quilmes in 1991. He studied Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine Photo Technique at CAF. He directed several short films, including Mu (2009), Una pelusa el saco (2010), No hay prisión si puedes sonreír (2012) and Pendientes (2014).

Film: Huesitos de pollo


Juan Sebastián Quebrada Colombia

He was born in 1987 in Medellín, Colombia. He studied Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. He participated in an exchange in FAMU, Prague, and later did a Post-graduate on Editing in Barcelona’s ESCAC. He edited several short films, including Ella la noche, programmed in this edition of the Festival, and directed the sho...

Film: Días extraños


Juanfer Andrés España

Juanfer Andrés was born in Socuéllamos, Ciudad Real, Spain, in 1975, and made 036 in 2011. Esteban Roel was born in Monterrey, Mexico, in 1969. Together, they directed and produced El buen chaval (2013).

Film: Musarañas


Julián D’Angiolillo Argentina

Born in Buenos Aires in 1976. A graduate in Visual Arts from the IUNA, he drew the storyboards for films like The Lighthouse (1998) and Garage Olimpo (1999), and worked as an art director in Smokers Only (2000) and Potestad (2001). His first film, Hacerme feriante, participated in the Argentine Competition in Bafici ‘10.

Film: Cuerpo de letra


Julieta Sans Argentina

She was born in Buenos Aires in 1979. She studied Literature at the UBA and Photography at the Andy Goldstein’s School of Creative Photography, and did a postgraduate in Photography at Central Saint Martins, London. She was selected for the 2013 Film Lab taught by Andrés Di Tella and Martín Rejtman, where she directed a fiction...

Film: Guido Models


Julieta Amalric Argentina

She was born in 1986 in Buenos Aires and studied filmmaking at Universidad del Cine. She wrote and directed Verano (2008) and La mujer que usaba esparcidas las ondas del pelo (2009; Bafici ‘10). She is currently writing her first feature-length film Lo que dicen de ella.

Film: El fuego nace en el agua


Kaan Müjdeci Turquía

He was born in Ankara, Turkey. He moved to Berlin to study, and opened an open-air cinema and a bar, among other things. He directed the short films Day of German Unity (2010) and Jerry (2011; his thesis at the New York Film Academy) and the documentary Fathers and Sons (2012).

Film: Sivas


Kenji Williams Estados Unidos

Film: Bella Gaia


Kevin Smith Estados Unidos

He’s a scriptwriter, comic book writer, and filmmaker born in Nueva Jersey, USA, in 1970. Some of the films he directed and wrote are Jay and Silent Bob (2001), Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) and Red State (2011). He wrote Jay & Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie (Bafici and Animated Bafici ‘14).

Film: Tusk


Kevin Kolsch Estados Unidos

He have worked as director of the documentary Absence (2009) and the short film Curtain, which was screened in several festivals, including Fantastic Fest, Cinequest, and Telluride.

Film: Starry Eyes


Kevin Jerome Everson Estados Unidos

He was born in Ohio, USA, in 1965. He studied at the universities of Ohio and Akron and works as an college art professor in Virginia. He directed several short films, including Mansfield Product Company, Sound That (both in 2014), Grand Finale, Three Quarters and Regal Unlimited (all in 2015).

Film: Park Lanes


Kieran Evans Reino Unido

Kieran Evans (born 8 February 1969)[1] is a Welsh film director and screenwriter whose work includes music videos, film and documentaries. His 2012 film Kelly + Victor, produced by Janine Marmot, saw Evans awarded the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer at the 2014 BAFTAs.

Films: Finisterre Dexys: Nowhere Is Home Vashti Bunyan: From Here to Before


Kiro Russo Bolivia

He was born in La Paz, Bolivia, in 1984. He’s a sound engineer and studied Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires. He directed the short films Enterprisse (2010, programmed in several festivals around the world) and Juku (2011).

Film: Nueva vida


Lars Von Trier Dinamarca

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1956, he studied at the National Film School. He was one of the creators of Dogma 95, and directed Breaking the Waves (1996), The Idiots (1998), Dancer in the Dark (2000; Golden Palm at Cannes), Dogville (2003) and Antichrist (2009; 24th Festival), among other films.

Film: Nymphomaniac


Laura Citarella Argentina

She was born in La Plata in 1981 and studied at Universidad del Cine. Since 2005 she’s part of the production company El Pampero Cine. She directed Ostende (Bafici ‘11).

Film: La mujer de los perros


Laura Poitras Estados Unidos

She’s an artist and journalist born in Boston, USA, in 1964. She directed several documentaries, including My Country, My Country (2006) and The Oath (2010). In 2014 she received the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service and in 2015 she won an Oscar for Best Documentary with Citizenfour. 

Film: Citizenfour


Laura Bispuri Italia

After graduating at the University of Rome, she was selected to attend the direction and production school Fandango Lab Workshop. She directed, among others, the short film Passing Time (2010), with which she won the David Donatello award. Sworn Virgin is her first feature film.

Film: Vergine giurata


Léa Rinaldi Francia

She was born in Paris in 1982. She trained in Visual Arts and Literature at the Sorbonne and created the company Alea Films in 2011. She directed several documentaries, including Behind Jim Jarmusch and Travelling at Night with Jim Jarmusch, which are programmed in this section of the Festival.


Leonardo Funes Argentina

Studied Image and Sound Design and co-directed La prenda (2012)

Film: De día la noche


Limor Pinhasov Israel

She was born in 1972 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She studied History, Philosophy, and French, and works as an editor.

Film: Out of the Forest


Louis Clichy Francia

After graduating from the Gobelins School of Image, he joined Cube studio. He worked as an animator at Pixar for two years before returning to France.

Film: Astérix et le domaine des dieux


Luc Chamberland Canadá

He’s an animation artist and director based in Montreal. He trained at the Concordia University, worked in different countries in the animation of several films, and directed the TV film Echoes of the Past (2001) and the short films Mr. Rivet (2004) and Saga City (2011).

Film: Seth’s Dominion


Luc Peter Suiza

Film: Broken Land


Lucía Ferreyra Argentina

She was born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, in 1987. She studied Filmmaking at Universidad del Cine and directed several short films, including Forastero (Bafici ‘14), in which the same-titled feature-length film is based on. She participated in the 2013 Film Lab of the Torcuato Di Tella University, under Martín Rejtman and Andr&ea...

Film: Forastero


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